Custom install modes and folders will soon be available for the Xbox PC client

Custom install modes and folders will soon be available for the Xbox PC client

Both individual games and Xbox Game Pass titles are available on the Microsoft Store. Until now, all apps and games were installed in the same place. It’s not unusual for PC gamers to have many hard drives. They may use one as a boot drive and for everyday apps, and the other as a solid state drive for gaming. Installing games on a secondary disc should be a breeze once this update is widely available.

A Steam update released in September made it straightforward for players to move an installed game and all of its files to another drive. The process is a little more convoluted for games installed from Epic’s store, but it’s still possible. These are welcome moves, as they give players more choice over how to manage their games, and it’s good to see Microsoft offering folks more flexibility too.


Elsewhere, the Xbox PC app now has a cloud gaming tab, giving Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a quick way to find cloud-enabled console games. Beaumont added that Microsoft is continuing to improve the app’s performance, including “making it more reliable to download and play your games.” The team’s also trying to make it easier for developers to add features like cross-saves and achievements.

Story Highlights

  • The Xbox PC software, like Steam and the Epic Games Store, will soon allow users to install games in whatever folder they like. Insiders (those who have joined up to test new features) will be able to choose a default game installation drive and folder.

  • Insiders “will also find that downloads of those games have improved over time, so it’s even easier and faster to get to your next game,” Jason Beaumont, Xbox’s partner director of experiences, said in a video discussing the updates. What’s more, players of many Xbox Game Pass titles will soon have access to local files, so they’ll be able to install mods and move files. The Xbox app will show whether a game is moddable.