Customers still have problems with the integration of Bluegrass Cellular with Verizon

Customers still have problems with the integration of Bluegrass Cellular with Verizon

Flip phones that that’s where the problem seems to lie, and I know there’s not that many of them in, in service, but there’s enough of them, especially in the rural areas,” says Proffitt Brown. On the other side, Becca Turner had a smoother transition into Verizon. “We haven’t had any issues. Thankfully, I’m sure that there is an issue because you know, I have seen the lines. But as far as our experience, it has been great Verizon has been great for us has been great to us,” added Turner. Renea says thanks to social media she was able to help fix her father’s phone, “he can receive phone calls and, and he can receive text messages, and he can call out, you know, he could always call out he just couldn’t receive phone calls for about six days and, and that that was our issue.”

“We’re aware of some issues that a small number of Bluegrass Cellular customers have experienced with the planned migration from Bluegrass Cellular to Verizon. We have resolved many of the issues, and are continuing to work closely with impacted customers. Many customers will be able to resolve their issues on their own by dialing *22890 and pressing “send” on the device. Then they should wait for a confirmation that the activation has been successful and restart their device. Please note: Sometimes, it can take an additional restart or two to fully activate.

If for some reason the activation process fails before receiving confirmation it was successful, they should try restarting their device and dial *22890 again. Customers who continue to have challenges activating a device may be eligible for a replacement option. To learn more, please call 1-800-VERIZON.”

Story Highlights

  • WBKO (WBKO) – Following a massive merger between Verizon and Bluegrass Cellular, some Bluegrass subscribers began to have problems. “My difficulty was with my dad’s phone, he has a flip phone, and what happened was that he wasn’t able to accept phone calls for six days,” Renea Proffitt Brown explains. Some people were forced to go to the stores and wait in line for help due to problems. Glen Harby, a client who waited outside the Glasgow Verizon outlet, says, “I came here just around nine.” According to Renea Proffitt Brown, the problem is considerably more serious than simply rebooting your phone.

  • Glen Harby who was able to be helped on Wednesday, says, “just bear with them. I mean, you know, it’s, it’s a transition, and the staff is very nice and helpful and, you know, they’re, they’re, you know, they’re trying but they can only do so much. I think with the transition and this it’s been kind of hectic for everyone.”