DDR5 RAM modules for notebooks and PCs are on display at SanMax

DDR5 RAM modules for notebooks and PCs are on display at SanMax

DDR5 support is coming to desktop PCs this fall with the launch of Intel’s Alder Lake-S processors in late October, and we have seen quite a few RAM module producers announcing DDR5 SO-DIMMs boasting various record-breaking speeds way ahead of time. But what about laptop modules? SanMax Technologies from Japan looks to be the only module maker that started mass production for laptop DDR5 modules, yet these come with the default minimum specs, so not really great for upgrading an out-of-the-box Alder Lake laptop configuration. Hopefully, we get to see some of those faster specs ported to laptop modules by established brands soon.

Story Highlights

  • SanMax appears to be the first RAM producer to ready DDR5 modules for laptops and mini PCs. Unfortunately, these feature the default DDR5-4800 specs with CL 40 latencies, which is what most out-of-the-box laptop configurations will feature, so not exactly upgrade material. However, these modules can be used to build mini PC rigs.

  • SanMax recently showcased its first DDR5 modules at the PC SHOP ARC expo in Japan. The company demonstrated desktop, as well as notebook DDR5 modules with capacities ranging between 8 GB and 32 GB. Now, the desktop modules are a little longer, with 288 pins, while the laptop ones only have 262 pins and are taller. A smaller form-factor allows such modules to also be added to mini PC builds. These modules feature DDR5-4800 specs with CL40 latencies and an operating voltage of 1.1V, plus they include Micron memory chips and power management integrated circuitry. There is no info regarding pricing for now, but SanMax is expected to start selling the notebook modules in early November.