Develop better technology and cultivate a peaceful heart for the event

Develop better technology and cultivate a peaceful heart for the event

Every year from 9 to 14 November, the International Week of Science and Peace (IWOSP) is observed and celebrated globally. This special week is marked to inspire people to promote peace in their own countries as well as develop better technology for development.

The United Nations (UN) states that through this annual observance, they hope to make an important contribution to the promotion of peace. Furthermore, the week inspires better academic exchanges on a subject of universal importance that can be done while generating greater awareness of the relationship between science and peace.

The International Week of Science and Peace was first observed during 1986 as part of the observance of the International Year of Peace. The organisation of events and activities for the week was undertaken as a non-governmental initiative; the secretariat for the International Year of Peace was informed of the preparatory activities and the final summary of events that occurred during the week. The organisers sought to encourage the broadest possible international participation in the observance.


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  • During this special week, various events and activities are organised to encourage international participation. Apart from promoting peace, it is also celebrated to develop and maintain social as well as economic stability in every developing country.

Based on the success of the 1986 observance, the organisers continued their efforts in successive years. In recognition of the value of the annual observance, the General Assembly adopted resolution 43/61 in December 1988, which proclaims the “International Week of Science and Peace”, to take place each year during the week in which 11 November falls

Main idea for celebration

Member states of the UN General Assembly along with intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations observe and mark this week to promote the progress of science and technologies. They also believe in the preservation of peace and safety. Not to forget, the week also encourages and inspires international co-operation amongst experts who hold this event. With the help of science and technologies, people celebrate the International Week of Science and Peace for protecting the natural environment. The event alerts common people in keeping peace and harmony with various technologies that need to be developed in a better manner.

Significance The main idea at the heart of this event is that it contributes towards the promotion of technologies, science and peace to generate awareness among the general public. The events contribute in promoting peace all through the year.