Diversity and culture are celebrated by the Utica School of Science


In addition to fun facts, several groups performed traditional dances, played instruments, and sampled food from different cultures.

“Utica we have over 40 different cultures and about 29 percent of each household in Utica speaks a different language so showing all of our students everything that we have in Utica other than what they see just at home is really important for all of us. More than just our schools but the whole community,”  said Putrello.

“I’m trying to make sure my culture is known to the people around Utica because we’re such a small people, no one knows about Albania,” said Hysenaj. He added, “I’m trying to represent my culture as best as I can because I love my culture and I love my family and I love my ancestors.”

Muamer Hysenaj, a student at UAS, played a chiftele guitar at the event. Hysenaj said that playing the chiftele at International Night is an opportunity to show more of his culture to people who may not know much about it.

Story Highlights

  • Hundred of people filled the gymnasium to get a taste of different cultures from around the world. Tables that displayed different places people call home lined the gymnasium.

  • Sophia Putrello, Organizer and teacher at UAS, said it’s important for people to learn about the diversity within Utica.

Over 20 different countries were represented at International Night.