Donald Trump’s shocking response to Stephanie Grisham’s ‘I’ll take your questions now’

Donald Trump's shocking response to Stephanie Grisham's 'I'll take your questions now'

Yes, you read that right. The former President of the United States said that Grisham’s book shouldn’t be taken seriously because she was “very angry and bitter” after a breakup.

Trump’s dismissiveness of Grisham’s book — and Grisham — as nothing more than a bitter woman on the wrong end of a breakup is appalling even by his decidedly low standards.

This, like so many other excesses and inappropriate comments from Trump, will be ignored or, in some quarters, even defended.

If you expect there to be any blowback for Trump’s attack on Grisham from Republican elected officials, you haven’t been paying much attention to politics for the past five years or so.

Story Highlights

  • “Stephanie didn’t have what it takes and that was obvious from the beginning. She became very angry and bitter after her break up and as time went on she was seldom relied upon, or even thought about. She had big problems and we felt that she should work out those problems for herself. Now, like everyone else, she gets paid by a radical left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things.”

  • (The relationship Trump is referencing is the one between Grisham and onetime White House aide Max Miller, who is currently running for Congress in Ohio and facing some tough questions about past behavior.)

The Point: When we don’t denounce stuff like this from Trump, we tacitly tolerate it. And look where that’s left the Republican Party.