‘ED crushes’: Sentara officials share how COVID-19 surgery affects patient stay

'ED crushes': Sentara officials share how COVID-19 surgery affects patient stay

Officials said some hospitals are at capacity and the system is moving patients around to help. Health care workers said mostly all patients are not vaccinated and it’s striking to see how many are in their 30s or 40s.

“… something that I find really sad is that they require 100% oxygen, they can no longer get up and go use the restroom,” says a respiratory therapist. https://t.co/caHnxn1OwX pic.twitter.com/gISc0U6R8V

Sentara is transferring people needing ICU bed within their own hospitals, when one of their facilities is at capacity and another Sentara site has a room available @WAVY_News

— WAVY TV 10 (@WAVY_News) September 14, 2021

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  • WAVY’s Chris Horne was at the briefing Tuesday morning at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where experts spoke on behalf of all Sentara hospitals to generalize what they are experiencing across the state. You can watch the full briefing above.

  • “The most striking thing is just how young they are, they’re 30 years old, they’re 40 years old.”

— Chris Horne (@ChrisHorneWAVY) September 14, 2021

In a news release, Sentara says above-average hospital capacities, compounded by COVID-19 cases, and staffing challenges are leading to longer wait times for patients and increased workloads for health care workers.

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