Edinburg CISD mistakenly pays employees, the refund

Edinburg CISD mistakenly pays employees, the refund

Miguel ‘Mike’ Farias, president of the board of trustees for ECISD, said the district wants to make sure the money is accounted for and deposited back into the district’s account. Although the number of employees who need to return money has gone down to 163, district officials say they’re losing money due to interest.

Officials said letters are going out to those employees who still need to return payments, adding that not returning the money could affect upcoming paychecks. 

“We’re going to work with them,” Chief Financial Officer Consultant for ECISD Jesse Muniz said. “we’re just letting them know that if they don’t pay by the 1st, we’re going to have to start looking at deductions.” 

Story Highlights

  • A rocky rollout of a new software led to millions of dollars in overpayments to more than 1,700 Edinburg Independent School District employees.

  • As of Tuesday, the 163 district employees will need to return a combined total of $413,185, more than 7% of the $6.2 million overpaid.