Epic Games, Amazon Dedicated to Microsoft

Epic Games, Amazon Dedicated to Microsoft

One caveat: The rule applies to everything except games. However, the company did lower its cut of game revenues in the Microsoft Store from 30% to 12% for PC games in August.

While the judge ruled earlier this month that Apple engaged in anticompetitive behavior, it wasn’t considered a win for Epic.

“Microsoft is again leading the industry forward with Windows, now an open platform with an open store,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted.

The developer still had to pay $3.65 million for 30% of revenue to Apple.Apple was not required to restore Epic’s “Fortnite” to the App Store, allow third-party app stores, or lower its developer fees of 15% for companies with annual revenue under $1 million and 30% for everyone else.Epic has since appealed the ruling.

Story Highlights

  • The technology giant says it wants to “promote innovation” and will not take a cut from app developers’ revenue if they use alternative payment platforms — a major difference from Apple, which takes commissions between 15% and 30% on each App Store purchase.

  • The offering is good news for Epic, which has been in a legal battle with Apple for the past couple of years after Apple removed “Fortnite” when Epic created an alternative in-app payment method — dodging Apple’s fees.