Experts’ recommendations for creating a healthy body image


Taking to Instagram, she shared that there are some tell-tale signs that your body image is improving; here are some of them.

In the accompanying caption, Kapoor explained that body image is “just the way you think about your physical self”.

According to the expert, if you find yourself “criticising your appearance”, or are “preoccupied with how others perceive you”, there are some tips and tricks for help.

“Healthy body image is when you feel relaxed about your body, whereas unhealthy body image is when you think about your body in a negative way. If you have an unhealthy body image, that’s okay. There are ways to help,” she continued, adding that the first step is to find out what is causing it in the first place.

Story Highlights

  • In reality, a healthy body image is acceptance of self, with all the physical imperfections. And while it is easier said than done, nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor has a guide on how one can achieve it.

  • * You are less fixated about your body shape and weight.* You appreciate your abilities.* You accept things that are outside of your control.* You prioritise self-care and emotional growth.* Your identity is not based on how you look.* You understand that body changes are a part of life.

1. Identify and challenge negative thoughts.2. Recognise the underlying motivation for criticism.3. Appreciate your body for what it can do.4. Practise focusing on the positive aspects.5. Avoid comparisons.6. Surround yourself with body-positive people.