Fans to Liverpool v Manchester City: Important details

Fans to Liverpool v Manchester City: Important details

For anyone who did not attend the first few home games of the season, please note stadium entry is now digital using an NFC ticket on your smart mobile phone.

Supporters are reminded to download their digital ticket on to their NFC pass to their smartphone before arriving at Anfield.

The ticket office will be open at 11am on Sunday. There will also be a number of NFC help desks around the stadium ahead of kick-off to give quick and easy support with any NFC pass issues.

A video with full guidance can be viewed below. App users should tap here to watch.

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  • How do I use the NFC passes?

  • This means that all supporters in attendance at a fixture held at Anfield will use NFC tickets unless they have requested a photo ID card to access the stadium. There will be no Print@Home or paper tickets.

Those supporters using an Android device to access the stadium also have the option of scanning the barcode that will be displayed on their NFC pass by clicking the ‘Show Code’ button. They can then place their phone inside the turnstile with the barcode facing up to access the stadium.

This may be a more efficient way to use the NFC pass for those fans who have missed the step of actively switching on NFC on their device. Please see our guide for more information on enabling NFC specifically on an Android device. For Apple device users, NFC should automatically be enabled.

Do I need a COVID-19 pass for entry? COVID-19 certification spot checks will be in operation at this match and fans need to be prepared in case they are asked on entry by a steward to take part in the randomly selected spot check.

The spot checks will involve the club’s stewarding team selecting a small percentage of fans and colleagues at random to show their COVID-19 status and certifications. All home and away supporters attending the game should be prepared to present either proof of being double vaccinated with the NHS COVID Pass or a negative lateral flow test taken within 48 hours before kick-off.

Children under the age of 18 are exempt from checks and will not be asked to participate. The spot checks are not a condition of entry, but the club would like to prepare fans in case of a policy change to large-scale events and COVID certification and to keep supporters safe while attending matches.