For Brexit benefits, Andrew Neil challenges David Davis


But the former Brexit Secretary retorted: “And we haven’t been out of Covid for two and a half years.”

“Where’s the good news?”

The Channel 4 presenter said: “I’m only reporting what they’re saying. The bit that’s staying in the Single Market of the UK is doing well, and the rest of us are languishing. I ask again: where’s the good news in this Brexit business?”

Mr Davis said: “You think? You think? I’m not sure that’s right.”

Story Highlights

  • Mr Neil cut him off, noting: “We’ve already been out of two and half years.”

  • The broadcaster then answered: “No, but we’ve been out and we’re going to do worse than most other major economies, according to the IMF and the OECD.

Mr Davis repeated: “Ask me back in a year and I’ll give you an answer on that.”

Andrew Neil then said: “Can’t you give us an answer now after you made us take this enormous decision?”

David Davis hit back: “Well, it’s partly because we have a remainers Brexit. We have the Brexit that Theresa May handed off to Boris Johnson with all of the holes in it that shouldn’t have been there. “And that’s what happened there. That’s why I resigned, after all. That’s why I stepped down.”

“Let me give you a third chance”, Andrew Neil then said. “Give me one major benefit of Brexit as things stand tonight.” David Davis replied: “Well, our ability to make trade agreements with the rest of the world.”

The interview sparked a backlash, with Andrew Adones demanding David Davis resign for “serious abuse of public office.” He wrote on Twitter: “This is a real disgrace. He won’t say what the benefits of Brexit are. And when pressed he says it’s because – wait for it – ‘we had a remainers’ Brexit.’

Those figures will plummet in 2023 with a GPD growth of 1.2 percent – almost half what was previously predicted. Similarly, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE) forecasts a 3.6 percent economic growth this year followed by 0 percent next year.

According to the IMF, Britain’s GDP growth will fall to 3.7 percent from the 4.7 percent predicted in January. “He should resign as an MP for serious abuse of public office.”