For Nintendo Game Boy, see ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ played

For Nintendo Game Boy, see 'Grand Theft Auto 5' played

The full breakdown on how Staacks achieved it is a bit complicated and unlikely to be replicated by many. However it’s impressive stuff. A video by Staacks demonstrates just how well Grand Theft Auto 5 runs on the system. Predictably, it does not look great thanks to the dated screen the Game Boy offers. But, it still works. Somehow. Staacks transferred his WiFi cartridge to the Analogue Pocket and it almost looks better on there. As his Twitter account shows, a timing issue means that there are some horizontal glitches that affect how good it looks.

Story Highlights

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has been successfully run on an early Nintendo Game Boy by a dedicated coder and hardware tinker. I’m sorry, but you’re bringing me down, live services. Sebastian Staacks, who was first noticed by PCGamer, has constructed a WiFi Game Boy cartridge that allows him to stream the system’s latest games. According to Staacks’ comprehensive blog, he constructed the WiFi Game Boy cartridge last month. He “trained it to stream video and play games in full quality” from there. On an unaltered and original Game Boy, games run at an impressive 20 frames per second.

  • Elsewhere, a follower of Staacks followed his instructions and made their own WiFi cart. In a predictable but cool move, Jesse Doherty used his WiFi cart to play Doom on his Game Boy. Staacks explains that it’s far from a finished product. “The interface and image are almost unusable this way,” he notes, but it’s still clever stuff. In other gaming news, an extensive Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem gameplay trailer has been released. The full game launches on January 25 for PC.