For sale, Herta Introduces New Face Video Statistics

For sale, Herta Introduces New Face Video Statistics

ROI on analysis

In addition, thanks to its statistics filter by dates, it also allows the user to measure the impact of the seasonal campaigns carried out in each centre, thus helping to maximise the return on investment with a detailed analysis even by the hour.

Herta is currently in the most innovative stage in its history. With more than ten years of experience in the market and clients around the world, adapting both to the post-pandemic world and the new needs of its ecosystem of partners and users strengthens the company to continue leading the field of facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

Story Highlights

  • With relevant information about behaviour of visitors in a business, Herta launches a new version of its marketing solution that now displays a control panel. The new version of BioMarketing has a Dashboard that shows real-time information on the performance of a business. It also allows users to view online data on the number of visitors and their recurrence, the average dwell time, or the level of occupancy.

  • The information of the new product allows to have a deeper description of the different visitor profiles, as well as to be able to identify the ideal buyer in certain areas of interest.