From medical officer of health, the documents show recommendations and warnings


Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw provided recommendations to the government for going forward with lifting all restrictions, which included ramping up the capacity of the healthcare system.

Hinshaw gave three options — removing most restrictions, including removing masks in schools in Step 1; keeping more restrictions in place and retaining the school mask mandate until Step 2; or leaving all decisions up to the cabinet.

The government denies ignoring or overriding any of Dr. Hinshaw’s recommendations and says it stands by its decision to lift public health measures, including ending mandatory masking in schools.

The cabinet chose option three.

Story Highlights

  • However, it warns that “lifting restrictions should begin only once pressures on the healthcare system have sufficiently eased and are likely to continue easing.”

  • She warned it would become overwhelmed and of additional waves due to increased exposure.