Get a smart speaker and a gift card from It is obvious

Get a smart speaker and a gift card from It is obvious

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Visible promises affordable wireless service for those on a budget or who don’t need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive carrier service. The $40-a-month no-contract plan, for example, covers unlimited calling minutes, text and data. With a Visible plan, you can also choose to pay upfront for the new iPhone or opt for a monthly payment plan. When we investigated Visible, we found that while Visible’s data was indeed unlimited, it does slows down once you reach the data cap (5 Mbps). You’ll still be able to surf the web, send instant messages and check e-mails, but bandwidth-intensive activities like gaming or video streaming might become slow and choppy. With that said, you don’t have to ever worry about data overage charges, which, for some, is totally worth an end-of-the-month slowdown if you exceed the cap.

If a no-contract plan makes sense for you, this is one deal you won’t want to miss—check it out today!

Story Highlights

  • If you’ve been waiting to pick up the new Apple iPhone 13, we have good news. Customers who switch their cell plan to Visible aren’t just able to pick up the hot new phone—they also get a free Apple HomePod Mini speaker and a $200 gift card to a retailer of their choice.

  • The offer applies to any of the new iPhone 13s, including the iPhone 13 Mini (starts at $720 outright), iPhone 13 (starts at $816), iPhone 13 Pro (starts at $984) and the iPhone 13 Pro Max (starts at $1,080). To collect the gift card, join Visible, the low-cost, no-contract wireless carrier alternative owned by Verizon, and create an account. Transfer your number over from an eligible carrier (there’s a list online), set up a SIM card, activate and you’re off to the races! The virtual gift card code will be sent to you via e-mail after you have made three months of service payments, after which you can decide which store you want to redeem it for. (Options range from Amazon to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and more.) When it comes to the HomePod Mini smart speaker (valued at $99), you can get listening right away: You’ll receive a code to redeem for one immediately after activation.