Given the location of Meizu’s 2022 flagships, Geely is expected to buy a smartphone maker.

Given the location of Meizu's 2022 flagships, Geely is expected to buy a smartphone maker.

The auto manufacturer has reportedly already invested around 10 billion yuan (~US$1.6 billion) on its prospective move into Meizu’s industry, and may spend even more on this possible acquisition. Then again, the OEM in question has yet to respond publicly to these new rumors. The brand has had a record of launching flagships with unique looks and attractive prices compared to their rivals; however, this has not exactly led to meteoric success for the OEM in its native China, not to speak of the international market, to date.

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  • A Chinese automaker, is rumored to be considering developing phones as well. It is rumored that it is in talks to buy the OEM Meizu. Meanwhile, the same company has stated that Qualcomm chips will be used in smartphones released in 2022, prompting the production of a graphic depicting how such handsets might seem. Geely is perhaps best known for producing automobiles that are then sold under brands such as Polestar. However, it now appears that it intends to begin producing other gadgets, specifically cellphones. According to 36Krypton, it may require assistance in designing these items, which is where the rumored merger with Meizu comes in.

  • On the other hand, Meizu has gotten more conventional in recent years, as illustrated by its most recent 18 and 18s series of flagship smartphones. Nevertheless, the company’s CEO, Huang Quban, has asserted that it will continue to partner with Qualcomm to offer “high-quality and distinctive products” in 2022. This announcement has become the basis of a new render showing prospective “19-series” devices that not only have elements of possibly Samsung- and OnePlus-inspired design, but also exhibit giant Pentax logos in their camera humps. However much of a genuine new collaboration this detail proves evidence of remains to be seen.