God of War 2018 has been confirmed on PC and will be released on Steam on January 14, 2021.

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PlayStation now appears to be spreading the love for its exclusives by putting them in the most unlikely of places: the PC. Players have already witnessed the release of several of their exclusive titles on PC.

Now being a father as well, he and his son Atreus, also referred to as “boy,” have to survive in the world as they become hunted by some of the creatures and gods of Norse Mythology. This new rendition of the series changes the camera angle of the title and puts the player in the more modern third-person perspective, while still retaining some of the hack-and-slash mechanics of the God of War series.

On top of this, the game was found in the Nvidia leak a few months ago, and the PC listing for God of War in the leak had a Steam ID attached to it. Now the game’s page is up and includes some information about what’s going to be in the PC port of the game.

The game was rumored to be coming out on PC due to the increase in ports for previous PlayStation exclusives. Death Stranding came out on PC only a year after being on the PS4, and rumors about some of PlayStation’s high-profile exclusives coming out for PC started floating around shortly after. Some mentioned that Days Gone and Uncharted were among the game’s planned for release, as well as Horizon Zero Dawn. Included in these lists was God of War.

Story Highlights

  • One of the things that set the PS4 apart from the Xbox One was its plethora of exclusive games. PlayStation has been responsible for many of the games that users have loved over the last few years. PlayStation had the previous console generation in the palm of their hands, from having Call of Duty maps arrive sooner to developing some of the biggest blockbuster games on the machine.

  • The latest entry in the God of War series, the game sees a whole new side of Kratos as he’s moved from Greek Mythology into Norse Mythology.

The PC version of God of War is going to include enhanced visuals compared to the PS4 version of the game. On top of this, the game’s graphics are going to have a handful of settings so players with all types of setups are going to be able to have a good experience with the game. The game is also going to support native 4K resolution, so players who want to be able to have the best looking experience are going to have that in droves. Another visual upgrade for the game is going to be the addition of ultra-wide support for the title, showing all the detail possible on the screen and creating a “cinema-quality experience.”

The title is going to come with not only Nvidia DLSS support, but Nivida Reflex support as well. Players are going to be able to crank the graphics up as high as they can go with an RTX card, and still keep a slick framerate on the game. On top of this, players are also going to be able to perform more precise combos in the game with the addition of the Reflex function. With the right display, the game’s latency is going to be cut down to a level where players are going to have full control over Kratos in the game.

There’s also the addition of control customization with the title, the PC Version of God of War is going to support a wide range of gamepads. From the Xbox One controllers to even supporting the PS5’s DualSense on the PC, players are going to be able to use whatever controller they want on the game. On top of this, players are also going to be able to experience the title with keyboard and mouse, which will be fully customizable as well, allowing players to make the game work their way, making the title able to be played with whatever configuration the player desires.