God of War and other PlayStation may appear on PC, according to the LeForce Now leak

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It is important to note that the appearance of these games in the database does not to confirm a PC port in any way. It is entirely possible that the games will be made available exclusively through GeForce Now as part of a possible agreement between Sony and NVIDIA. It’s also possible that GeForce Now was used behind the scenes by developers for testing and development purposes, which is a practice we’ve heard about is not uncommon right now due to the shortage of kits. development and the work-from-home approach that many studios take. . This would explain the appearance of these games in the GeForce Now database.

Nevertheless, it is still interesting that these games are listed in the GeForce Now database. Additionally, God of War’s roster specifically mentions Steam, which strongly suggests that while games like Demon’s Souls and Returnal don’t get a full PC version, there’s a good chance God of War will.

This is exciting news for PC gamers, despite the possibility that the actual ports will never materialize. PlayStation exclusive titles are generally considered some of the best games available, and God of War in particular is often considered a masterpiece. If it is coming to Steam, PC fans will no doubt be interested. And while games like Demon’s Souls and Returnal don’t fully release on PC, the fact that some of the best PS5 games can be playable through GeForce Now is exciting. In the meantime, at least Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition and Days Gone are available.

Story Highlights

  • A datamine leak from the NVIDIA GeForce Now database has revealed that several PlayStation exclusives may be released on PC at some point in the future. Titles spotted in the database include God of War, Demon’s Souls, Returnal, and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West.

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