Goodwill launches program to help young people at Greenville Co find employment, life skills

Goodwill launches program to help young people at Greenville Co find employment, life skills

The non-profit will provide project-based academic learning opportunities for youth and young adults, ages 17 – 24 years old, to pursue their educational goals and prepare for their careers. 

YouthBuild is a community-based alternative education program for youth who are high school dropouts that also have other risk factors, including being adjudicated youth, youth aging out of foster care, youth with disabilities, migrant farmworker youth, and other disadvantaged youth populations. 

“We are thrilled to begin this new program for youth in our area. YouthBuild provides Goodwill an opportunity to address a critical need for at-risk youth in our communities. Through The Department of Labor, we can provide the essential services to educate, train, and build up these young people while providing a roadmap to career pathways they might not have seen before,” said Candice Anderson, Goodwill Mission Manager.

The program provides services such as: GED and construction, worksite and safety training sponsorships, as well as one-on-one case management, hands-on building/renovation opportunities, life skills and mental toughness workshops and job search and resume assistance.

Story Highlights

  • YouthBuild is a pre-apprenticeship program that encompasses education, skills training, leadership development and post-program placement opportunities for at-risk youth.

  • The program will also address multiple core issues important to youth in low-income communities, which includes: affordable housing, leadership development, education, and employment opportunities in in-demand industries and apprenticeship pathways.

The YouthBuild program begins on Nov. 1. 

If you’re interested in participating please contact Candice Anderson at (864)-901-6108.