Google Pixel 6a – Top 5 Rumors About Google Following Phone

Google Pixel 6a - Top 5 Rumors About Google Following Phone

Should the Pixel 6a arrive as expected, it’s coming into a crowded market for affordably priced midrange models. Apple has already introduced the $429 iPhone SE (2022), which undercuts the price of the currently available Pixel 5a by $20. There’s also the matter of Samsung’s Galaxy A53, which actually edged out Google’s current budget flagship in our Galaxy A53 vs. Pixel 5a face-off. So the Pixel 6a has some work cut out of it, if Google wants this to be the sub-$500 phone we recommend. Fortunately, Pixel 6a rumors suggest that Google’s not sitting back on its laurels. A number of big changes are rumored for the upcoming phone, and if those rumors pan out, the Pixel 6a could rapidly rise up the list of best cheap phones.

These ML-inspired features include the Pixel 6’s ability to screen incoming calls and transcribed dictated text messages on the fly, even with the correct punctuation. Should Google add a Tensor chipset to the Pixel 6a, those capabilities would be available in the budget phone, too. And that would give Google a leg up on the Pixel 6a’s sub-$500 competition. Right now, we’d be willing to bet that the addition of Tensor to the Pixel 6a will be the budget phone’s most noteworthy feature. The processor inside of the Pixel 6 wasn’t the only thing to change about that phone. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro also sport a distinctive look, with a horizontal camera bar that stretches across the width of the phone. Admittedly, it’s not a universally loved look, but it certainly helps the latest Pixel flagships stand out amid a sea of fairly identical smartphones.

Even if that’s the only hardware change to the Pixel 6a’s cameras, things still should be all right, since the Pixel 5a ranked among the best camera phones, particularly for a device that costs less than $500. The real benefit would be the Tensor-powered photo features that appear on the Pixel 6a, such as the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser tool for removing unwanted objects or people from the background of photos. Other Pixel 6 photo features like the Motion Mode blur effect may not make their way to the Pixel 6a, some leakers claim. We hope that particular claim is off the mark.

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  • If rumors regarding Google’s intentions for its next affordable phone are to be believed, the Google Pixel 6a might be unveiled this week. Google’s annual Google I/O developer conference begins on Wednesday (May 11), and many Google watchers expect the Pixel 6a will be one of the event’s opening keynote speakers. It’s not out of character for Google to unveil a lower-cost version of its Pixel phone during a developer conference. After all, the initial Pixel A-Series phone, the Pixel 3a, debuted there in 2019. And a number of evidence have arisen strongly indicating that a phone launch is soon, not the least of which being the Pixel 6a recently appearing at the FCC for certification.

  • Here’s what you need to know about what’s potentially coming to the Google Pixel 6a ahead of that phone’s launch, and how likely that change is to happen. Previous Pixel A-Series phones have used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon silicon, usually from the chip maker’s 6- or 7-series lineup of midrange chipsets. They’ve delivered solid if not spectacular performance, but nothing that’s caused previous models to really stand out. That could change with the Pixel 6a, which is in line to get the same Tensor system-on-chip that Google included with last fall’s Pixel 6 phones. Tensor isn’t necessarily a powerhouse itself, trailing the A15 Bionic that Apple uses in the latest iPhone SE in benchmark testing. But Tensor comes with a dedicated machine learning core that drives many of the unique capabilities found on the Pixel 6.