Google reveals integration into Workspace, security features

Google reveals integration into Workspace, security features

The integrations, introduced at the Google Cloud Next conference on Tuesday, would let workers perform more tasks without leaving Workspace applications like Chat and Gmail.

During a Cloud Next session, Atlassian Chief Product Officer Joff Redfern said the integration extends his company’s partnership with Google. The firm integrated its Trello list-making application with Gmail back in 2017.

Google has also integrated its low-code development platform AppSheet with Gmail. AppSheet lets employees pull data from spreadsheets to create custom apps that automate specific processes. Through the integration, workers can use AppSheet apps in Gmail to approve budgets or vacation requests. The AppSheet integration is available now.

“We believe in integrating Trello and Jira wherever work is,” he said.

Story Highlights

  • Google has introduced Jira and AppSheet integrations into its Workspace suite to make the collection of services more central to daily work.

  • Jira, an Atlassian issue-tracking and project-management program for developers, will integrate with Workspace chat applications Chat and Spaces. The integration will let workers create Jira tickets quickly and monitor problems from Google Chat.

Bob O’Donnell, founder of Technalysis Research, said Google wants to minimize the time workers spend switching between applications by pulling multiple tasks into the unified whole of Workspace.

That trend started earlier this year, when the company introduced improvements to how Workspace applications work together to reduce the time spent moving between them. For example, an employee could start a Meet video meeting from within the word-processing application Docs.

Google also touted at the conference numerous Workspace security improvements: O’Donnell said virtual desktops gained popularity during the COVID-driven shift to working at home. Through a partnership with Citrix, Google can accommodate companies that started using online desktops before the pandemic.

“The fact that Google’s offering a Citrix-based Windows virtual desktop indicates that they’re willing to reach [out] to those more traditional customers,” he said.