Google TV finds an important feature available on Android TV

Google TV finds an important feature available on Android TV

Long-pressing a TV show or movie residing in this section only produced a redundant Open button previously, but a Redditor just noticed that they now have a Hide button underneath it (via 9to5Google). This is exactly what you need if you’re done watching something and would no longer like it to clog up your feed.

This is great news that will surely make tons of users happy, but how about getting shows to consistently show up in the ‘Continue watching’ section in the first place. From my experience, only two items ever appear in the carousel and only from Netflix even though we’re currently watching series from several different services. Sort it out, Google — this could be one of your best products with just a little extra care.

Story Highlights

  • The Chromecast with Google TV interface has mostly been lauded as an improvement over Android TV, but there are still some things missing from it. Until now, for example, it’s not been possible to hide shows from the ‘Continue watching’ section of the homescreen, but that looks set to change. As Android TV continues to pick up Google TV features, at least this one important thing is going the other way.

  • I’ve not yet got this capability despite my Chromecast being on the latest firmware, so this may be a limited test for the time being. It shouldn’t take too long to roll out more widely, though.