Great Annual Discounts For Filling Customer Purchase Requirements


Newchic has always been a fashion platform focusing on high-quality products and services. That is why Newchic continues to explore a more accurate and efficient new mode of customized shopping services. This ideal mode will help users buy cost-effective fashion items while enjoying a more tailored shopping experience than traditional websites. “One of the core goals of Newchic since its establishment is to provide a more personalized shopping recommendation system for customers with different needs. It will also reflect in every step of the user’s shopping journey.” Miko Su, Newchic Marketing Director, said.

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  • According to research, high prices or freight costs often discourage consumers from buying. Therefore, this promotion aims to effectively reduce consumers’ concerns and help them quickly complete their shopping wishlist. When customers log in to the website, they can immediately find their desired items according to the intelligent recommendation and check the lowest activity price of related products by adding the product to the shopping cart. Besides, Newchic also provides combined coupons and real-time interactive services through live broadcast to ensure that consumers enjoy a more convenient and flexible shopping experience. Throughout the campaign, it has dramatically reduced the cost of shopping and gifting for consumers, not only allowing them to send Christmas or New Year gifts at a lower price but also enabling them to prepare a new look for 2022.

  • About NewchicNewchic is a B2C online fashion shopping destination from HongKong, 2014, offering a wide range of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to provide customers with the ideal life of leisure and comfort, inspiring customers to define their own sense of beauty in the shopping experience.Find out more about Newchic at: