GT County Ousts Medical Director for 28 Years

GT County Ousts Medical Director for 28 Years

His contract with the county expires Sept.30, and he says he hasn’t been given a reason why his contract won’t be renewed.

County Administrator Nate Alger says Dr. Collins was an considered an independent contractor with the county, and his contract ran from Oct. 1, 2019 to Sept. 30, 2021. It was already set to expire, but Alger wouldn’t go into why the contract was not renewed.

Commissioner Robert Hetschel says this was not a commissioner decision, and it would be “a mistake” to assume Dr. Collins’ departure was about the resolution they passed

“There are reasons that we are not requesting the extension of the agreement at this time because I consider those reasons to be attached to employment related activity,” said Alger.

Story Highlights

  • Dr. Michael Collins has been the county’s Medical Director since 1993.

  • This comes after comments Dr. Collins wrote an Op-Ed in response to the County Commission’s resolution to ban vaccine mandates.

The Grand Traverse County Health Department’s Health Officer, Wendy Hirschenberger, provided 9&10 News with this statement:

“Dr. Collins’ contract as medical director for Grand Traverse County expires on September 30, 2021. Dr. Collins served as the medical director for 28 years, dedicating much of his career to serving the community. We appreciate his expertise and dedication to public health and thank him for his decades of service to the Health Department.” 

9&10 News reached out to Dr. Collins but has not gotten a response.