HCC chair queries anticipating point out funds board hikes tuition CNCopy |


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    Minter explained the rate will end result in a net profits raise of about $30,000.

    Heartland staff members is in the early stages of organizing for upcoming year’s funds.

    President Rob Widmer explained they ended up by now chatting about the need to “look at alternatives and alternatives” to point out funding.

    Chadwick observed that local community colleges have always talked about profits as a 3-legged stool with state funding, tuition/service fees and assets taxes being the legs.

    Chadwick questioned, “If we get that (point out) leg of the stool out, how do we make it up?” 

    Trustee Don Gibb mentioned that yet another leg also is in issue.

    “One of the things that’s out there is a freeze on residence taxes,” he claimed, referring to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposal for a statewide freeze on such taxes.

    In the meantime, trustees and administrators are…

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    News Headline: HCC chair questions expecting state money; board hikes tuition CNCopy |

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