Health care workers are expressing mixed opinions as vaccination authority approaches | Local News

  Health care workers are expressing mixed opinions as vaccination authority approaches |  Local News

Alexsus Albin, a health care manager for Help at Home, does not feel she needs to pick the vaccination or her job.

Albin said she loves her job, but she would look into different employment if she is required to take the vaccination.

“Either way, we’re going to lose nurses, either they die from COVID-19 due to being unvaccinated, or we lose nurses that don’t want to work in health care because of that scenario,” Pena said. “It’s hard decisions for hospitals to make, especially administration. It’s gonna be a hard decision, and I prefer to save lives and lose a little bit of employees.”

Guillermo Pena has worked in 13 different Midwest states as a travel nurse, and he believes that this is something that health care workers should do to protect themselves and the patients as a form of infection control.

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  • Mosaic Life Care’s vaccination percentage has raised 4% to a total of 67%.

  • “I’m against it due to many reasons, and if I don’t take it, that could mean me possibly losing my job, which is the source of income for my family,” Albin said. “I don’t feel like I should have to choose between providing for family or losing a job that I do care so much about,” Albin said.

It does not appear that the state legislature will have a special session to look at vaccine mandates as State Rep. J Eggleston, R-Maysville, says the legislators are divided about businesses’ right to mandate the vaccine, but he does not agree with the mandates.

Eggleston said he has heard testimonies from long-term care facilities that will be severely understaffed if mandates are enacted.

“I think mandates fly in countries like China, North Korea, where people are used to being dictated by institutional powers, but in America, mandates just backfire,” Eggleston said. “Here, mandates really don’t usually change the number of people who comply that much, but they do create this wedge issue, and they create more animosity in society and a more stressful life.”