High-end design with advanced features and Zen mode for relaxation

High-end design with advanced features and Zen mode for relaxation

Wireless earpods have entirely transformed how we consume audio when it comes to watching movies, taking calls on the go or listening to music. They don’t just look chic but are light and easy to carry around without worrying about wires.

Taking this technological invention a notch higher is OnePlus’ newest launch OnePlus Buds Pro.

However, the USP of this pair is its powerful immersive sound, long battery life, and sturdiness that accompany the brand OnePlus.

From adaptive active noise cancellation to wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and Dolby Atmos support, these ones sure are brimming with premium features.

Story Highlights

  • During its social media campaign for the Buds Pro, OnePlus posted a tweet that read: “It’s time to unmute yourself.” The company seemed quite confident about the new product, if you take the tweet at face value. We get the answer now.

  • These are extremely easy to charge while you are on the move. What’s more, earbuds available in the market today come with several catchy and smart tech features and Bluetooth capabilities meant to make your experience more seamless and fun.

But before getting into how this device is different from the rest, let’s start with its market-disrupting USP- The Zen Mode that is meant for releasing stress through the power of therapeutic sounds.

Zen Mode

Living in the 24X7 busy and hectic urban lives, sleep and relaxation are often compromised. OnePlus has introduced the Zen Mode to activate therapeutic soundtracks to send you off in relaxation mode after a heavy day. White noise like birds chirping, late-night campfires, and other serene sounds reduce stress levels significantly. It provides a sense of deep calm, especially during activities like yoga, meditation, during long walks or when you are ready to retire for the day.

These can also be found in the settings or the HeyMelody app for non-OnePlus users as well.