How can smarttech cope with climate change?

How can smarttech cope with climate change?

Zero-emission electric cars will also have AIs to assist our driving, making them safer and more efficient. Home energy storage solutions mean that power from solar panels can be stored, bringing us towards a distributed power grid where all buildings contribute power as well as consuming it.

Put together, this tech could increase the chance of Earth’s survival.

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  • For instance, we can embed artificial intelligence into our buildings and let them reduce power to lights, ventilation or lifts that are not in use.

  • AI provides us with ever more accurate models of the environment and can also mitigate the risks of climate change, by simulating exactly where floods or storms may damage property. AI can enable smarter, more efficient agriculture, and instant analysis of planetary data so we can detect illegal deforestation, water extraction, fishing and poaching. Machine learning may even have the potential to invent new materials to create technology such as room temperature superconductors.