How to Celebrate National Health and Fitness Day

How to Celebrate National Health and Fitness Day

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day falls on the last Wednesday of September.

In India we hardly see it getting celebrated, but it is high time such a day gets its due significance here.

Puberty is when the real transformation happens for a girl. She undergoes several physical and psychological changes.

Give all your support when your daughter hits puberty

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  • Last Wednesday of September every year is celebrated as National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

  • This day highlights the importance of woman’s health and around 10,000 women, of all ages, gather to take part in fitness programs in local health clubs in the US.

This is also when menstruation begins. In the initial few months, your daughter will face issues like mood swings, have body pain and other associated PMS symptoms.

Hence, you should give her support at that time.

Incorporate a fitness regime to have her hormones under control. Make a resolution to give priority to your health

As a mother and woman, teach your girl to prioritize her health. You should also push your aging mother to do the same. And follow that for yourself too.

Doctors say that three hours of physical activity in a week is enough for a woman. Go for regular check-ups and sketch out a diet plan. Do yoga, meditation to boost immunity and reduce stress.

Indulge in your favorite hobby. If you sense something is amiss in your life or your instinct says that something is wrong, take it seriously.

Apart from physical health, emotional and mental health is also important to lead a good life. Take care of your emotional and mental health as well