How to Draw the Influence Spawn Game from Batman: Arkham or Marvel’s Spider-Man

How to Draw the Influence Spawn Game from Batman: Arkham or Marvel's Spider-Man

While it would be great to see a new Spawn game, it would need to look at more current games to get an idea of the trends. However, the mechanics of the character could add a new spin to these mechanics and create a truly unique game for players to enjoy. Spawn is a character with diverse skills and abilities that could work perfectly with the current meta.

One of the biggest changes that have affected both the superhero genre and video games, in general, is the open-world design. The early Spawn games were level-based and focused on linear paths like many of the games at the time. However, most superhero games currently focus on allowing players to explore large open-ended worlds. This allows for more focus on movement and larger scales when it comes to battles. Marvel’s Spider-Man made great use of this to implement more intricate web-swinging to traverse the world. A Spawn game would need to focus on doing the same; thankfully, the character has the means to do so, thanks to his ability to teleport, fly and transform to move around the world.

Spawn has access to many tools to fight his opponents, from his chains to his suit that can be adapted to any situation. However, unlike other characters, he opts to use more than just his abilities. Spawn’s powers are limited and, if he uses them too much, he can be dragged back to hell, forcing Spawn to lean heavily on other weapons like guns and environmental objects. These could all be implemented into the more free-flowing combat and give the player another option when it comes to conflict by allowing them to switch to using guns.

Another more recent trend has been the simplification of combat design in superhero games. This is mostly the influence of the Batman: Arkham Series, which popularised single button inputs and the use of gadgets in flowing combat. This design allows the combat to be both cinematic yet easy to learn and doesn’t bog the player down in complicated combos.

Story Highlights

  • Todd McFarlane’s Spawn was arguably one of the most popular comic book heroes of the ’90s, branching out into TV, movies and several video games. However, Spawn was absent for many years before reappearing in Mortal Kombat 11 as a DLC character. The popularity of the character shows that there is a place for the character in the modern gaming world.

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Learning and implementing the designs that are popular among players is only one part of making a great game, however. One of the most critical aspects of any game is the foes players will fight, both bosses and the rank and file goons. Thankfully Spawn has a diverse range of foes for players to engage in battle with; over the years, Spawn has fought everything from gangsters to demons. This variety of opponents would mean that players should never find themselves fighting against the same foes repeatedly and would help introduce a nice amount of variety.

A Spawn game also needs to be as visceral as possible to fit it into the comic interpretation. Modern superhero games often try to reflect the character’s morals, but, like some other heroes, Spawn has no issue with lethality. The game would need to allow the player to be as brutal as possible, but this could fit in with a moral choice system that has appeared in a few superhero games. Spawn often has to toe the line between the wills of heaven and hell and is frequently hit with the repercussions of his more violent actions. Players could be given a choice to side with either celestial body or maybe avoid the conflict entirely. While there is no concrete evidence for a new Spawn game ever being released, there is interest in the title. The title is one of the staples of the ’90s and, with the increased interest in titles from that period, there is a place in the world of gaming for the Hellspawn. The series has so many aspects that are perfect for the world of video games. If the developer learns from other titles, they would be able to make a game that sticks with the popular trends but adds something unique at the same time.

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