Howard University School of Business Warner Music/Blavatnik Center for Music & Entertainment Business Professor Jasmine Young, MBA, Director Designate


“That highly sought-after internship at Def Jam Records so many years ago really did lay the groundwork and lay the route for my future. I am incredibly appreciative of the chances I have been given. It also gave me the chance to provide many creatives and executive leaders in our field opportunities,” Young remarked. “Our ground-breaking curriculum will equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the music and entertainment industries. The objective is to offer guidance and instruction that will develop the following generation of creative entertainment executives.

The center is one of the many outreach projects pursued by the WMG/BFF SJF, established in June 2020 as a response to then-recent killings of Black Americans that sparked protests for social justice. The fund invests in organizations around the world that build more equitable communities, using grants focused on education, criminal justice and the arts in order to effect such change. The center serves to prepare Howard’s diverse student body for management careers in the music business and provides space for curriculum development and certification programs.

“We are very excited to have Jasmine Young join us as director of our Center for Music & Entertainment Business. She brings a wealth of experience that will be very beneficial in preparing our students with the practical knowledge needed to be successful in the music industry. The center’s sponsorship and support from Warner Music Group and the Blavatnik Family Foundation continues to help us develop future business leaders. Jasmine will be an integral part of our mission in that regard,” said Anthony Wilbon, Ph.D., dean of Howard University School of Business.

The fellowship program provides fellows with coaching, specialized curriculum, mentorship and hands-on industry experience working with influential partner organizations. The center also provides engaging programming for all members of the Howard University and the broader community to participate in, including guest lectures, business case competitions and more.

Story Highlights

  • Young is looking forward to assisting in opening up new chances for the students at her alma mater, Howard, where she received her start in the music business through an internship at Def Jam Records.

  • Julian Petty, J.D., the chief of business and legal affairs of Warner Music and a graduate of Howard University, is credited with creating the Blavatnik Center. Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family donated $4.9 million to the centre, which allowed it to be built.

Young brings almost 30 years of management, marketing and education experience to her new position. She was hired by Def Jam Records shortly after her graduation from Howard University in 1994. Her responsibilities included not only daily supervision of artists such as Jay-Z, DMX, Erick Sermon and Onyx, but the handling of the company’s joint venture projects such as Roc-a-Fella Records and Ruff Ryder Records. She rose to senior director of marketing and general manager of rapper DMX’s Bloodline Label.

After a successful tenure at Bloodline Records coordinating TV and film projects for DMX, Young decided on new endeavors, which have included VP of marketing/operations for the North Star Group (The Source Magazine) and marketing consultant for the Ascena Corporation. Young is a proud recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Howard University and an MBA from Felician University. She was previously the administrative professor at Monroe College School of Business and Accounting and an adjunct professor in new media for Metropolitan College of New York. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.