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  Hub City Small Business Week |  KLBK |  KAMC

“We’re not going to the big box stores. We’re not going to eat at the big chains, were sticking small Lubbock. Shop small, think small and eat small and do all your small shopping that you can possible because we need it,” Lacy Jones, the owner of Wild West Vintage Decor, said.

“We started unfortunately back in December smack down in the middle of winter, so that also made it difficult,” Natalie Roach, the owner of D’lites Lubbock Ice Cream, said.

“It’s very hard. It’s been a big struggle–especially with Amazon and with them being able to ship for free and with them starting to hire. It does make us–small businesses–nervous,” Jones said, “but our community is fantastic, and the things we offer, Amazon, Walmart and people like that cannot get things that we have.”

As these businesses are competing on their own to stay afloat, they are also competing with larger companies.

Story Highlights

  • More than ever, this week is the perfect time to shop, eat and support the small mom-and-pop shops; although, with big chain companies, it makes it tougher to make sure they don’t disappear.

  • Jones said when she first opened her small business, she experienced the trials and tribulations. Although, she’s not the only one.

Roach said that she has seen a high volume of hiring signs, and she understands that it may be difficult for businesses because they may not want to work for those small businesses when they can work for those bigger businesses that pay more.

These small businesses are asking that we all try and shop and support local Lubbock. We can try supporting these mom-and-pop shops with little things like sharing their social media, buying local and by word-of-mouth.