Idaho Falls Employment Health Clinic has a ribbon cutting event

Idaho Falls Employment Health Clinic has a ribbon cutting event

Hiss vision for the clinic is, “to increase access to quality healthcare among lower middle wage earners in the non-Coastal Western states.”

Boren’s goal is that unless he is seeing a patient visiting the clinic or otherwise fulfilling his duties at the clinic is to answer every single phone call that comes in to the clinic’s phone line.

The clinic is a welcome opportunity for the community in the region.

The community run clinic will provide exams and checkups for patients who come by to visit the clinic. The ribbon cutting was held Wednesday for the beginning of a new era with the clinic.

Story Highlights

  • Dr. Boren, the director of the Idaho Falls Employment Health Clinic, has opened a small clinic in Idaho Falls to aid those who would struggle with having health insurance.

  • What separates Dr. Boren’s clinic from others of its kind is, “The medical director answered the phone for the clinic.”

“I think this is a fantastic resource for our community,” Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce member Katie Long said.

Dr. Boren is excited for the opportunity to help the community. If you want to know more about the clinic you can find that information here. You can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Boren by calling (208) 932-4932