If you owe money and have not yet received a check from Elkhart Regional Secretary’s Office, here’s why

If you owe money and have not yet received a check from Elkhart Regional Secretary's Office, here's why

Elkhart County Clerk Chris Anderson says a supplier mishap has some individuals with a court judgement receipt waiting to receive their checks in the mail. It comes after Anderson says the clerk’s office started to run low on checks back in the middle of September.

But if you ask Warstler, she is still waiting on hers. Despite the delay, Anderson says any checks that haven’t been sent out are now on the way.

Warstler says she had to evict someone from her property after damages were left behind. That individual was ordered to pay her back. They pay the courts, and the courts are supposed to Warstler but when she called the Goshen Courthouse to try and collect her money, she was turned away.

“I’m not a big time landlord or anything. I just own one unit and just the fact that I’ve done without income on that property for while, and now that it’s actually getting paid to me and the courts are holding it back, it’s really frustrating,” Warstler says.

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  • “I have never heard of this before where a court is holding back your money because they ran out of checks to pay you,” local landlord Dawn Warstler says.

  • “We placed are order for the new lot of ten thousand checks on September 15th. Normally, it takes two and a half, three, maybe four weeks to get the shipment of checks. This time, it took eight weeks to get. We try to do checks on a weekly basis.”

“I called yesterday to see if they had gotten in checks yet and she told me, ‘No, they didn’t come in,’” Warstler says.

In response, Anderson says any money owed to anyone with a court judgement receipt, like Warstler, should be expecting their check in the mail within the next couple of days.

“We mailed 450 yesterday afternoon so those checks should be arriving in mailboxes Wednesday-Thursday or so. And again, it will be set out on the stub of the check, what payments were made, when they were made, and the amount they were made on that, particular day. And then there will be a grand total and that’s what the check is going to be for,” Anderson says. In addition, Anderson says the clerk’s office has already placed another order of checks early to make sure the next batch arrives on time.

When asked about making a direct deposit option available for folks in the future, Anderson says it is a possibility but one that could take a couple of years. Copyright 2021 WNDU. All rights reserved.