In electric vehicles, safety is paramount, according to the CEO of Hero MotoCorp

In electric vehicles, safety is paramount, according to the CEO of Hero MotoCorp

He said that it was very encouraging to see the support that has been extended by the union and the state governments for the EV sector. ”I also believe that re-skilling will be necessary to ensure that our operations are maintained without disruption. When I say re-skilling today, there are not enough competencies available in this area,” Munjal said. Speaking about manufacturing competencies in the industry, Munjal said the manufacturing sector in the country has to go to the next level. ”This is truly our moment to attain global leadership.

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  • ”This (movement towards EVs) will necessitate tremendous gains for the entire vehicle manufacturing ecosystem too,” Munjal said. The design principles will be most crucial to this endeavour and the industry must try to come up with a product that is both sustainable as well as aligned to the customer’s requirements, he added. ”In addition, safety is non-negotiable and is of paramount importance given whatever has been happening across the country,” Munjal said, referring to the recent incidents of electric two-wheelers catching fire. He noted that entire infrastructure for charging of batteries, ancillary equipments, part supply and after sales were all important aspects which needed attention of the industry. ”We must also build capabilities in terms of supply chain and skill sets that will drive this mission. Given the size of our nation, putting in place high quality infrastructure to support the electrification revolution is very very critical,” Munjal stated.

  • The Indian manufacturing must internalise the areas of quality, technology and sustainability. Each firm must drive its competencies and capabilities in all these three areas,” he noted. It is only when each firm is performing to its optimal level that the entire supply chain can be competitive, he added. In March, Hero MotoCorp said it has lined up a USD 100 million (around Rs 760 crore) global fund to nurture over 10,000 entrepreneurs on ESG (environmental, social and governance) solutions, including its upcoming electric vehicles (EVs). The company will introduce emerging mobility solutions under the Vida brand including its EV that will be officially unveiled on July 1, 2022, to coincide with the birth anniversary of Hero MotoCorp Chairman Emeritus Brijmohan Lall.