In New Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4, ‘It’s Hard at Work’

In New Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4, 'It's Hard at Work'

But what about the next Mass Effect? And Dragon Age 4? Well, McKay is happy to tell us that BioWare is still “hard at work” on the two titles, although there’s not much to go on beyond that. We’re still waiting on release windows for both games, but we do know that the new Dragon Age has been in development for at least a couple of years. Mass Effect, meanwhile, is still a long way off. Dragon Age 4 is still a “single-player experience that is built on choices that matter”, by the way. Hopefully we see a lot more of that one in 2022. What are your hopes for BioWare’s flagship games going forward? Feed us some predictions in the comments section below.

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  • To ring in the new year, has issued a developer blog post. The article, written by studio manager Gary McKay, examines the current state of BioWare and its future goals. McKay also cites the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which has received a lot of praise from both gamers and the gaming press.