In Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro’s campaign has a message

In Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro's campaign has a message

Several gubernatorial campaigns have been involved in the talks, four GOP sources told POLITICO, in addition to Andy Reilly, a Republican National Committeeman, and Sam DeMarco, chair of the Allegheny County Republican Party.

“There’s so much that concerns me about this,” DeMarco told POLITICO, stressing that he was not speaking for the group. “We’re in a year where all evidence points to a red tsunami. And it appears here in Pennsylvania, because of the number of people in the race and his smaller but consistent base of support, we may be nominating the only Republican who would be unelectable in November.” A spokesperson for Mastriano did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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  • With only a few days until the primary on May 17, Republican gubernatorial campaigns and top state and county officials have been talking about unifying behind a single candidate to avoid a scenario in which Mastriano wins the crowded contest by exploiting a fragmented vote. If it doesn’t work, another option is to persuade candidates who are polling in the single digits to drop out.

  • DeMarco, the leader of one of the biggest county parties in the state and the chair of the Southwest caucus, confirmed that he is “a participant in those discussions.” On Tuesday, he tweeted out a poll showing Mastriano struggling against presumptive Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro, and announced that he is personally throwing his weight behind one of Mastriano’s top primary opponents, businessman Dave White, which he said is “of his own volition.”