In the future, Ashok Leyland expects the commercial vehicle industry to grow rapidly


Truck sales will increase as more units are needed as many industries are operating at full capacity. said Mahadevan. He also noted that the effects of the easing of Covid and the opening of schools, universities and offices will lead to a surge in inter- and intra-city travel, which will boost bus sales. “Therefore, bus sales should also increase. Light commercial vehicles will also grow as behavior and consumption patterns have changed disruptively.

“So we are positive. Sri Lanka has some challenges that will hopefully be resolved. But the rest of the SAARC market is slowly warming up. And I think our export specialists will definitely grow from last year,” Mahadevan explained. The company, which mainly exports to SAARC, the Middle East and Africa, expects better shipments this year with an upgraded product range better suited to the needs of its international customers, he added.

Mahadevan said the company “handled the chip shortage issue wisely” to reduce the impact on production and meet increased demand. “It’s still a challenge and our manufacturing team is working around the clock to meet it,” he added. Supply has definitely improved, but it is still not at normal levels, Mahadevan said. “Hopefully in the next few years we will see a lot of capacity to serve the industry,” he said.

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  • “I think so because the pandemic and some of the uncertainties that have existed around the world are now all in the past. There is no reason why the commercial vehicle industry should not grow,” said Ashok Leyland. Gopal Mahadevan, his director and CFO full-time, said in his conversation with PTI. When asked if the worst was behind the commercial vehicle industry, which has seen sales slump in recent years due to regulatory changes and low takeoffs during the pandemic, he replied: “The commercial industry will grow as trucks and buses are expected to do well.

  • E-commerce is growing, e-commerce will be a big driver and last mile delivery will be very important,” said Mahadevan. On the outlook for exports, he said the company expects shipments to increase this fiscal year compared to fiscal 2022 as the demand scenario improves in all markets. The company shipped about 11,000 units last year and plans to improve its tally this year.