Introducing X-Meta, Crypto Exchange Powered by Binance Cloud

Introducing X-Meta, Crypto Exchange Powered by Binance Cloud

Joining one of the world’s most reliable liquidity pools allows customers to spot trade, or invest in fiat, futures trading, and quantitative trading with multilingual support in a highly secure and data-rich online environment. X-Meta’s Know Your Customer (KYC) security protocols provide world-class protection from fraudulent attacks, phishing, and other emerging threats. All are guaranteed by Binance Cloud.

The new platform makes it simple for the novice and professional alike to exploit a full suite of trading tools to enhance investment performance by accessing a range of powerful tools. X-Meta users will discover a wide range of trading options within the platform’s architecture, while cross-border spot trading liquidity benefits from a robust matching engine, high transaction speeds, and integrated risk control.

With the release of a companion mobile app, clients will also be able to stay connected to the market and linked to their portfolios in real-time, and so be able to monitor and respond to trading activity while on the move. The potential of decentralized finance to put power in the hands of customers across the globe, while focusing on stability and transparency, seems to have found a new home.

Story Highlights

  • The exchange was developed as the main foundation of the Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC) project ecosystem, a crypto asset structured by Ih Bit Global LLC to act as a bulwark to inflation. Since its IEO in August, the value of IHCoin has stabilized after over a dozen upward adjustments.

  • IHC token holders receive various benefits on the X-Meta exchange. For instance, the loyal holders on X-Meta will receive an impressive 80 percent of Net Profit Sharing earned from all of the X-Meta trading fees. In addition, the exchange has commenced a registration promotion that gives away 2000 IHC to everyone signed up on the X-Meta. The promotion will continue until the end of January.