iOS 15.6 for Apple iPhones: Bug fixes and enhanced security


This may be the last update to iOS 15 before the company’s next mobile software, iOS 16, gets a wide release alongside the heavily rumored iPhone 14. The next version of iOS, which is available now in public beta, will bring several new features, including the ability to edit and unsend messages, a new customizable lock screen, changes to notifications, as well as updates to Wallet and Apple Pay.

Apple’s iOS 16 is currently in its first public beta, so as long as you have a compatible iPhone and don’t mind that the software is in active development, you can give its features an early look. Apple’s iOS 16 brings several new features to your iPhone, including a customizable lock screen, an intelligent cropping feature and editable text messages.

Fortunately, you can get iOS 16 Beta 1 right now, which should be a little more stable than the developer version. All you need to do is enroll your device into the Apple Beta Software program and install a config profile to get the iOS 16 beta on your device. Here’s how. For more, here’s a look at all the best new features that are available on iOS 16, as well as some of the cool hidden features you might not know about. Getting your hands on prereleased software can be exciting, but there are precautions you should take before updating. All prereleased software like iOS 16 beta may contain bugs and other issues that can make your device more difficult to use, which is why you should back up your device in case you want to revert back to iOS 15.

In June, Apple released the iOS 16 developer beta shortly after its developer conference, but not many people were eligible to download and install the software. Developer betas require an Apple Developer Program membership, which is $100 a year, and aren’t recommended for everyday use because they can be filled with bugs and make your phone more difficult to use.

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  • Here’s what you need to know if you’ve downloaded the most recent iPhone software from Apple. iOS 15.6 from Apple is available. The follow-up to iOS 15.5 is available for download to your iPhone as of July 20. Bug fixes, a long number of security updates, and a new option for watching live sports in the TV app are all included in the latest update. With iOS 15.6, you can now pause, fast-forward, and resume currently playing live sports events in the TV app. Updates for the iPad and Mac computers both provide this feature.

  • Apple also released iPadOS 15.6, MacOS 12.5, WatchOS 8.7 and TVOS 15.6. In addition to security updates, iPadOS 15.6 and MacOS 12.5 got the same TV app update for live sports as iOS 15.6, while WatchOS 8.7 brought bug fixes, and TVOS 15.6 got performance and stability improvements, according to Apple. iPhone with customized lock screen on pink background. The iOS 16 public beta is now available for download.

By default, your iPhone should back itself up every time it’s connected to power and Wi-Fi during your regular sleep hours. However, if this backup feature is disabled, you can go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup and then hit Back Up Now to back up your device. Additionally, you can back up your iPhone via Finder on your Mac. Simply connect your device to your computer, open Finder, choose your device and then create a backup. Apple also recommends archiving your backup, so that it’s not overwritten by other backups.

Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. Once your device is backed up, it’s time to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program, which allows anyone to try out prereleased software for free, to provide feedback to Apple on quality, usability and issues. Currently, you can test out iOS 16 beta on any compatible Apple device (iPhone 8 and later). On the page that appears next, scroll down to Get Started and tap enroll your iOS device, which should be hyperlinked in the paragraph that appears. That will take you to another page, where Apple will lay out everything you need to do to download and install iOS 16 beta on your iPhone.

If for some reason you don’t see the Download and Install option, you may need to either wait a few minutes or clear your memory to make space. If you don’t have enough space, you won’t be able to download iOS 16, so clear your memory by deleting large files and offloading hefty apps. You should see a loading bar, along with a rough estimate of how long the download process will take. Once the download is complete, reboot your device and wait for iOS 16 beta to install. When your iPhone boots up, you should see iOS 16 beta downloaded on your device.