Iran’s Mahan Air has been the latest victim of the robbery

Iran's Mahan Air has been the latest victim of the robbery

A group calling itself Hoosyarane-Vatan, or Observants of Fatherland, claimed in the mass texts to have carried out the attack, citing the airline’s cooperation with Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard. The self-described hacking group did not provide any evidence.  Mahan Air flies from Tehran to a few dozen destinations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The US Treasury Department, which polices compliance with sanctions, blacklisted the airline in 2011 for allegedly “providing financial, material and technological support” to the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, responsible for the Islamic Republic’s campaigns abroad.Without naming a specific country, President Ebrahim Raisi blamed the hack on anti-Iranian forces seeking to sow disorder and disruption.  Another attack targeted the railroad system, causing mass confusion with scores of trains delayed and canceled across Iran

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  • Tehran, November 21st (AP) According to state television, a cyberattack on Iran’s privately owned Mahan Air disrupted access on Sunday, the latest in a string of assaults on Iranian infrastructure that has set the country on edge.The Mahan Air website was unavailable, with an error message stating that it could not be contacted. The airline claimed in a statement that the attack was “thwarted” and that its flight schedule was unaffected, adding that it has previously experienced similar intrusions.On Sunday, many Mahan Air customers across Iran received unusual SMS messages.