Is there a paid phone nearby? I have to call

  Is there a paid phone nearby?  I have to call

Remember when you could go to the corner and find a phone booth or a pay phone? Remember when you had a party line and it was long distance to call Monroeville? It wasn’t that long ago when you could dial just five numbers for a local call.

I remember when we were kids we would wear penny loafers and put a dime in our shoe for an emergency phone call.

When I was in college I wrote letters because calling home was too expensive. When was the last time you wrote somebody a letter?

Remember when it was such a big deal to turn your rotary phone in for one with buttons?

Story Highlights

  • What did we do before cell phones?

  • Remember when Eddie Albert used to climb the telephone pole to make a call on the Green Acres sitcom?

From the landlines we went to the pagers, and then cell phones.

Cell phones make life a whole lot easier. No more landlines for most of us and no more clunky answering machines.

Does anybody still use a phone book? Cell phones can do just about everything for us now.

Just buying a cell phone is a major chore. There are so many to choose from and so many prices. Heck, I see the flip phones are making a comeback. Have you seen the cost of some phones now? That would have been enough to buy a decent used car back in the day.

A friend of mine called me the other day for some help. She has tickets for Ohio State football games, but she didn’t know how to get them on her phone. There are no more paper tickets you can hold and keep forever. Everything is on your phone. I didn’t know how to help her, so I told her to do the same thing I do: Ask one of your kids.

That way, if anybody got lost or sidetracked walking to the game they could find the stadium and seat on their own. Now, we had to all stay together and go in as a group. Our other buddy, Josh, could have passed the tickets out to each of our phones — but this seemed like a safer way for a couple of us old-timers.

In the “old days,” my friend John would have all of the tickets in his hands and would pass them out to each of us before we left the Velvet Dog on West Sixth Street for our trek to the game. We went to the Browns game this past Sunday and our tickets were on the phone.