It does not accomplish at the end of the day

It does not accomplish at the end of the day

“I’ve done a lot of things that I regret that I shouldn’t have said, that I shouldn’t have done especially with him and if I can take those things back now I would, but I can’t and it’s in the past.”

Women, cars and money came along with early success for the 2011 Wimbledon quarterfinalist. “It doesn’t fulfill you at the end of the day,” Tomic said. “As a person deep down inside, you’re looking for something that drives you, that makes you happy and once you experience things like I have in the fast lane, you become a little bit depleted and bored and it becomes a little bit depressing at times.”

Tomic made a stunning claim after losing the first set to Safiullin. “I’m sure in the next two days I’ll test positive, I’m telling you,” Tomic said. “I’ll buy you dinner if I don’t test positive in three days.

Tomic, now ranked at No. 257 in the world, kicked off his 2022 season this week at Melbourne Park. Tomic failed to secure a main draw spot at the Australian Open after losing 6-1 6-4 to Roman Safiullin in his qualifying opener.

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  • “That didn’t happen, I was just a little bit forceful about him … and it was something stupid I said at the time because I was feeling bad,” Tomic told A Current Affair and the Sydney Morning Herald, as quoted on 9Now.

  • Tomic on his life in the ‘fast lane’

Otherwise, you buy me dinner. “I cannot believe nobody’s getting tested. They’re allowing players to come on the court with rapid tests in their room. Come on. “No official PCR testing”. On Thursday, it was announced Tomic tested positive for COVID-19.