Julius Jones’ Long Life Friend Asked for Governor’s Consideration Before Assassination

Julius Jones' Long Life Friend Asked for Governor's Consideration Before Assassination

“We can’t really leave it in man’s hands. Gotta leave it in God’s hands,” said Jabee Williams. “We went by the rules. We played by the rules. You know and so we’re just trusting that our governor will do the right thing.”

“Art. Music. We talk about shoes,” said Williams. “In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘bro like, how are you doing,’ you know? Do you know what I am saying? But he’s always checking to see how I’m doing.”

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For 22 years, Julius Jones has stuck to the same story claiming his innocence.

Story Highlights

  • While the Pardon and Parole Board recommended Jones receive clemency, Governor Kevin Stitt has yet to make a decision.

  • Jabee Williams speaks to his life-long friend Julius Jones over the phone a few times a week and said he can’t imagine life without him.

“I believe Julius is innocent,” said Williams. 

Now the final decision whether to spare Jones’ life falls to Governor Stitt. 

“It isn’t based on his guilt or innocence you know what I’m saying? It’s based on the fact that he’s been in prison for the 22 years, and he’s served his time,” said Williams. “You have the opportunity to save a life or seek vengeance, you know what I mean?” Williams said Stitt’s silence is deafening and prays he’ll consider the value of human life.

“We’re not the Governor right, so we can’t understand the magnitude or the responsibility, all the things he has to consider when doing this,” said Williams. “I hope he gives an answer. I don’t see him not saying anything. I think the situation is way too big for him just to ignore it and not say something.” Jones was convicted in the shooting death of Edmond businessman Paul Howell in 1999. Howell’s sister Megan witnessed her brother’s murder and testified in the trial. The Howell family recently met with Governor Stitt to share their concerns. Family friends said the family is not commenting at this time but appreciated the opportunity to speak to the Governor and answer any questions he may have. In a previous interview, Megan told us she’s terrified of the thought of Jones going free. 

“If anybody would take the time to really study the facts, then they would know that there is no doubt that Julius Jones is guilty,” said Megan Howell. Williams said every night for the last few months loved ones have held a prayer meeting asking God to comfort both Julius and the Howell family.

“I love you and I can’t wait till you get home,” said Williams.  Julius Jones’ execution date is set for next Thursday at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. News On 6 will be live in McAlester and will bring you all the updates around his execution as they develop.

He has a message for Jones. “If we get to that date, Lord willing we won’t, but if we do, I’ll definitely be in McAlester as close as I can to my brother so he’s not alone,” said Williams.