Just So You Want To Build A Tech The state

Just So You Want To Build A Tech The state

Kanye West is no stranger to breaking into new business ventures, so entering the tech space seems almost natural.

Kanye’s company put in the trademark application on September 21 to get the legal rights to put the rapper’s late mother’s name on a range of electronic devices.

Ye seems to be already thinking about wearable tech pieces, too, because the application covers smartwatches, and smart glasses, plus activity trackers you can wear and protective covers for tablets.

The application specifically requests rights to tablet computers, audio speakers, and surround sound systems, the outlet reported.

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  • According to TMZ, the 44-year-old rapper-turned-designer filed a trademark application last month to use the name Donda – the first name of his late mother – on a host of digital products.

  • The “Jail” rapper recently filed paperwork to trademark the use of “Donda” on tech products from tablets to phones, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

But wait, there’s more. Kanye looks to also want to compete in the headphone arena, too since the trademark application also covers earbuds, headphones, and wireless headphone sets for phones and tablets.

If Ye’s application gets approved, he would also be able to brand tech-smart jewelry, putting wireless receivers in the form of rings and other jewelry pieces.