Home Space Kao Shampoo and Washed Sheets Will Ride The International Space Station

Kao Shampoo and Washed Sheets Will Ride The International Space Station

Kao Shampoo and Washed Sheets Will Ride The International Space Station

Kao deployed its technologies built up over many years to address these challenges of washing clothing and hair in space, and developed the Space Laundry Sheet to remove dirt, stains and odors from clothing without using water and the 3D Space Shampoo Sheet to allow astronauts to easily wash their hair without using water.

Kao’s Space Laundry Sheet
clothing with the sheets without using water makes it possible to remove dirty stains and unpleasant odors. According to Kao, the sheets provided cleaning power equivalent to washing clothes in a washing machine with Detergent . In addition, the sheets’ Antimicrobial and deodorizing ingredients keep clothing in a satisfying state.
The 3D Space Shampoo Sheet is a nonwoven fabric with uneven, three‐dimensional shape. It is impregnated with cleanser for use on hair. The raised bumps on the 3D sheet wipe away dirt and sebum from the scalp and roots of the hair while providing a massaging action for the scalp. According to Kao, the sheets do not need to be used with water, so astronauts can wash their hair without worrying about drops of liquid flying around in the weightless conditions of space. The sheets come with a refreshing, clean scent to provide an invigorating feel when washing hair.

In a survey, astronauts said the laundry sheets effectively clean dirt and stains and remove odors from clothing and they said the scent is appealing. The astronauts also said the product has the potential to make a somewhat inconvenient daily activity aboard the ISS, more comfortable. In comments regarding the shampoo sheets, astronauts noted the sheet is refreshing after exercising, the size and shape are easy to use and the sheet “has a nice massaging quality.”

Story Highlights

  • Water is such a precious resource in outer space, making daily life during long stays on the ISS very different than on Earth. For one, clothing cannot be washed, so even if sweaty odors become noticeable, astronauts must wear the same clothes day after day. If clothing becomes stained or dirty, it cannot be washed, so the only choice is to throw it away. To wash their hair, astronauts use a special shampoo with a very small amount of water. Because they are in a weightless environment, they must be careful during washing to make sure that droplets of shampoo do not fly into the air. This makes it difficult to wash hair easily and get the pleasant feeling that normally comes from washing hair.

  • The Space Laundry Sheet is a nonwoven fabric impregnated with cleaning ingredient for use on clothing. Simply wiping