Karnataka, India: COVID-19 updates


In other news, Karnataka BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali’s daughter Renuka Limbavali was on Thursday accused of misbehaving with the traffic police after they fined her for overspeeding in Bengaluru city. However, State Home Minister Araga Jnanendra dismissed it as a case of rash driving. “Her friend was driving the car, they paid a fine and went,” he told news agency ANI.

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  • Meanwhile, the ruling BJP in Karnataka won all the three Rajya Sabha seats it had contested in, out of a total of four from the state, that went for polls on Friday, while the Congress managed to win only one of the two seats to which it had fielded its candidates. The JD(S) which had fielded one candidate despite not having enough votes, failed to win any, as Congress did not accept its request for support in the name of secularism.