Kaser Focus: Everything is a space hazard, Boss

Kaser Focus: Everything is a space hazard, Boss

We also got a look at the remake of The Last of Us, properly called The Last of Us Part 1. The game’s details were accidentally revealed ahead of the big show, but we also got some comparison shots between the two titles. The environments and lighting look like they’ve received a modest, but beautiful upgrade. As for the character models, I’m not so sure the remake is very much of an upgrade. We also saw titles like Goat Simulator 3, which delighted with a trailer parodying that of development-hellbound Dead Island 2. I also enjoyed seeing Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and, between it and Gotham Knights, October is going to be a feast for comic book fans.

Story Highlights

  • For who knows what reason, the Summer Game Fest was absolutely lousy with space-based sci-fi horror titles. These include Aliens: The Dark Descent, The Callisto Protocol, Fort Solis, and Routine. Apparently several game developers got collectively nostalgic for Dead Space/Alien Isolation/System Shock a few years ago. In the non-space-based horror realm, we also saw the reveal of Layers of Fears, Bloober Team’s new project — not exactly the Silent Hill 2 remake everyone thought they were working on, but oh well.

  • I spent a bit of time playing with the Boss Factory, the demo for the upcoming Saints Row. Announced at the Summer Game Fest, it allows players to test the customization features and build their Bosses ahead of the game’s launch on August 23. You can see the results above: I managed to make myself with some respect to reality, because I wish to personally bully the people of Santo Ileso. It’s a great customization tool, but of course it’s only a small part of the whole game. I’m also playing the demo for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, but I’ll keep my thoughts on it to myself for the time being.