Korea, Apple and Google mobile governance is being tested

Korea, Apple and Google mobile governance is being tested

Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, the effective duopoly controlling most of the world’s smartphones, face a raft of legislative measures in the U.S. rebuking their “gatekeeper control” and urging a curb on their power to dictate terms on app marketplaces. Both charge a fee of typically 30% on purchases made through their stores and exclude alternative payment handlers, arguing this protects users from fraud and privacy invasion.

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  • A new legislation will require free access to app payment providers. Silicon Valley titans say that privacy and security are under threat. Seoul’s General Attitudes Ahead of South Korea’s GDP Announcement SeongJoon Cho/Bloombergn Photographer South Korea is anticipated to be the first country to approve legislation banning Apple and Google’s dominance of mobile payments, setting a potentially dramatic precedent for their profitable app store operations from India to the United States.

  • Google Maps and Waze are the two most popular navigation applications on Android Auto, but as we’ve lately found, both of them may occasionally battle with numerous issues that, more or less, spoil the entire driving experience. Recently, for example, Google Maps has begun to misbehave when conversing on the phone when Android Auto is operating on the head unit, with some customers reporting that they no longer receive voice direction.